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The sinaplot is a data visualization chart suitable for plotting any single variable in a multiclass dataset. It is an enhanced jitter strip chart, where the width of the jitter is controlled by the density distribution of the data within each class.
The jitter control slider allows for controling the binning factor. Samples within the same bin belong to the same neighbourhood

Input file

The server accepts excel files only. Names should be reported in the first column; values in the second. Header is optional. Please click on the "Data Table" tab for an example.

Plot options

There are two available ways to define the x-axis borders for the samples to spread within:

  • method = density

    A density kernel is estimated along the y-axis for every sample group. The borders are then defined by the density curve. Tuning parameter adjust can be used to control the density bandwidth in the same way it is used in density.

  • method = counts:

    The borders are defined by the number of samples that occupy the same bin. The higher the count, the wider the border.

Citations and other homes of the SinaPlot

Please refer to our biorxiv manuscript when using this server. SinaPlot on biorxiv.
SinaPlot is also available as a standalone package for R on CRAN and GitHub, and as a ggplot2 extention in the ggplot2 acceleration package ggforce.